Sites and assignments for wrestling’s 2023 regional dual team tournaments are now available for all three classifications, following the latest rankings from the Iowa Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association.

Regional duals for all three classes are scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 31. The top eight teams in each class qualify for the State Dual Team Tournament, set for Saturday, Feb. 4 at Xtream Arena in Coralville.

Updated in 2023: The top 24 ranked teams each class according to the latest IWCOA rankings will compete at eight regional duals with the highest-ranked teams hosting, if possible and practical within geographic areas.

The top-ranked team at each site receives a bye during the first round. The winner of the first round dual wrestles the top-ranked team in the final. Finals matchups are listed as to-be-determined (TBD) below. 

For more information on dual team tournament policies, view the postseason manual. 




At Southeast Polk

First Round: Dallas Center-Grimes 4, Waukee Northwest 73

Final: Southeast Polk 44, Waukee Northwest 25  STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: SOUTHEAST POLK

At Waverly-Shell Rock

First Round: Prairie, Cedar Rapids 42, Epworth, Western Dubuque 24

Final: Waverly-Shell Rock 54, Prairie, Cedar Rapids  19  STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: WAVERLY-SHELL ROCK

At Bettendorf

First Round: Pleasant Valley 54, North Scott 16

Final: Bettendorf 61, Pleasant Valley 18  STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: BETTENDORF

At Ankeny

First Round: Bondurant-Farrar 50, Iowa City, City High 18

Final: Ankeny 48, Bondurant-Farrar 15  STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: ANKENY

At Valley, West Des Moines

First Round: Indianola 37, Norwalk 22

Final: Valley, W.D.M. 33, Indianola 27   STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: VALLEY, W.D.M.

At Ankeny Centennial

First Round: Carlisle 61, Dowling Catholic, W.D.M. 9

Final: Ankeny Centennial 31, Carlisle 30 (CRITERION i)    STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: ANKENY CENTENNIAL

At Linn-Mar, Marion

First Round: Dubuque, Hempstead 54, Fort Madison 27

Final: Linn-Mar, Marion 34, Dubuque, Hempstead 36    STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: DUBUQUE, HEMPSTEAD

At Johnston

First Round: Johnston 44, LeMars 27

Final: Fort Dodge 50, Johnston 27    STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: FORT DODGE



At Osage

First Round: Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 31, Algona 29

Final: Osage 60, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows  9  STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: OSAGE

At West Delaware

First Round: Independence 56, Dike-New Hartford 18

Final: West Delaware 41, Independence 24   STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: WEST DELAWARE

At Sergeant Bluff-Luton

First Round: Atlantic 42, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 31

Final: Sergeant Bluff-Luton 41, Atlantic   28    STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: SERGEANT BLUFF-LUTON

At Mount Vernon

First Round: Assumption, Davenport 37, PCM 30

Final: Mount Vernon 42, Assumption, Davenport  21  STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: MOUNT VERNON

At Creston

First Round: Glenwood 43, Albia 30

Final: Creston 36, Glenwood 33    STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: CRESTON

At Humboldt

First Round: Winterset 29, Ballard 31

Final: Humboldt 38, Ballard  29   STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: HUMBOLDT

At Webster City

First Round: Crestwood, Cresco 48, Carroll 21

Final: Webster City 37, Crestwood, Cresco  33  STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: WEBSTER CITY

At Williamsburg

First Round: Notre Dame/West Burlington 39, Knoxville 38

Final: Williamsburg 41, Notre Dame/West Burlington 40 (CRITERION F)     STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: WILLIAMSBURG



At Don Bosco, Gilbertville

First Round: West Hancock 54, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo 20

Final: Don Bosco, Gilbertville 51, West Hancock 15    STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: DON BOSCO, GILBERTVILLE

At Wilton

First Round: Interstate 35, Truro 51, Belle Plaine 20

Final: Wilton 56, Interstate 35, Truro  24   STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: WILTON

At Alburnett

First Round: MFL MarMac 31, Jesup 40

Final: Alburnett 60, Jesup 9      STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: ALBURNETT

At Nashua-Plainfield

First Round: Lake Mills 44, Pocahontas Area 24

Final: Nashua-Plainfield 50, Lake Mills 15   STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: NASHUA-PLAINFIELD

At Emmetsburg

First Round: West Sioux, Hawarden 39, Kingsley-Pierson 42

Final: Emmetsburg 55, Kingsley-Pierson  24   STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: EMMETSBURG

At Logan-Magnolia

First Round: West Monona 37, Nodaway Valley 35

Final: Logan-Magnolia 48, West Monona 30     STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: LOGAN-MAGNOLIA

At Lisbon

First Round: Lisbon 47, Pleasantville 28

Final: Wapsie Valley 39,  Lisbon 30   STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: WAPSIE VALLEY

At Woodbury Central

First Round: Hinton 54, Missouri Valley 21

Final: Woodbury Central 25, Hinton  33    STATE DUAL TEAM QUALIFIER: HINTON

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