Frequently asked questions and spectator information for IHSAA ticketing.



How do I buy tickets for IHSAA postseason lead-up events? 

The IHSAA began exclusively using digital tickets for postseason lead-up events through HomeTown Ticketing in February 2021. 

Please visit the IHSAA Tickets page and select your desired sport and event, sorted by classification and host site.


Do I have to buy my tickets in advance? 

Tickets may be purchased through the IHSAA Tickets page on any internet-connected device at any time through the scheduled event date. Select host sites may also have scannable codes and point-of-sale options upon arrival.


What is the age requirement for tickets? 

All individuals school age (kindergarten) and older need a purchased ticket for each IHSAA event.


Do I have to pay processing fees on IHSAA tickets? 

Yes. Processing fees will be resumed on all IHSAA tickets, where applicable, starting July 1, 2023. IHSAA previously absorbed processing fees for spectators for the first two full school years of the transition to digital ticketing.


I paid for my tickets, but I did not receive an email with them?

If you completed your order and saw a screen that said “Thanks for your order! You’re going to (Event Name)” then the confirmation email may have gone to your spam/junk folder.

It may take up to five minutes to receive your confirmation email. The confirmation email will be from IHSAA box office at fansupport@hometownticketing.com.


Do I need to print out and bring my tickets to an event? 

You may print out your tickets, but that is not required. Tickets can be scanned directly from your phone or printed out and brought to an event.

All tickets will be attached as a PDF file to the order email. Each ticket is a separate page within the PDF.


My card was charged but I did not receive my tickets?

If you received an error message saying the card was declined, the charge did not complete because of an incorrect security code or billing zip code. A pending charge may appear on your credit card account for up to 48 hours.

Please repurchase tickets and verify credit card information. HomeTown cannot remove pending charges from your account.


Will I be refunded if the game is cancelled? 

Per IHSAA policy, there are no refunds for postseason events. Tickets are still valid if an event is postponed, rescheduled, or moved.

If an event is canceled due to COVID-19, we will refund those orders.


What if I still have questions?

For technical assistance when purchasing tickets, please complete the HomeTown Fan Support Request.

For questions regarding IHSAA events or event ticketing, please email tickets@iahsaa.org.


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