The Iowa High School Athletic Association will develop and utilize team rankings for the first time in the 2022-23 basketball season.

The rankings will begin in late December and publish weekly through the end of the regular season in February. Each of the four basketball classifications will feature a rankings committee made up of two former head coaches and one media member – representing different state districts – and IHSAA staff members.

The committees will create consensus-based top 10 rankings with the intention of improving the IHSAA’s postseason assignment and seeding process.

“We are excited to roll out official IHSAA basketball rankings,” IHSAA executive director Tom Keating said. “In addition to creating school, community, and fan interest, these rankings will assist our staff and enhance the transparency of our postseason assignments.”

The new rankings follow an approved offseason recommendation to eliminate the early release of substate and district assignments by having the IHSAA coordinate all brackets throughout the postseason. The IHSAA will use the regular season rankings as a primary tool for postseason assignments, while maintaining school and geographic considerations.  

Brackets for Class 2A and Class 1A are currently slated for release during the week of Feb. 6, 2023, then Class 4A and Class 3A the week of Feb. 13, 2023. First round postseason games are scheduled to begin on Feb. 13 for 2A and 1A, then Feb. 20 for 4A and 3A.

“The introduction of an IHSAA ranking committee, made up of respected coaches and media personnel from around the state, allows more regular season games to matter before placing teams in postseason brackets,” IHSAA assistant director and basketball administrator Todd Tharp said. “That has been a goal of the IHSAA basketball advisory committee for several years.”

The first official practice date for the 2022-23 season is Monday, Nov. 14. Teams are permitted one intrasquad scrimmage before Nov. 12 to assist with shot clock training. First competitions can begin Monday, Nov. 28.




IHSAA Staff: Jared Chizek, Chris Cuellar, Todd Tharp

Class 4A
  • Shamus Budde
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Justin Ohl
Class 3A
  • Tom Betz
  • Chris Larson
  • Scott Unash
Class 2A
  • Jacob Brindle
  • Jim Eekhoff
  • Tony Roe
Class 1A
  • Bill Francis
  • Derek Martin
  • Frank Schnoes
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