The Iowa High School Athletic Association’s online archive at ArcaSearch has added its complete collection of state championship programs through the 2019-20 school year. 

ArcaSearch provides digitized and searchable archives of printed publications to preserve invaluable history for research and review. These programs, which feature all 11 sanctioned IHSAA sports and date back as early as the 1906 State Track & Field Meet, join the annual Summary Books (1967-2005) in the current archive.

The available publications at ArcaSearch have been posted for free as a public resource, courtesy of the IHSAA and the Iowa Hall of Pride Foundation. Each document may be searched by sport, year, category, name, school, event, result, etc. Everything in this archive may be viewed, downloaded (PDF), printed, and shared by any user. 

“We’re excited to make such a vast archive available and accessible to all those who have played a part in the history of Iowa high school sports,” IHSAA executive director Tom Keating said. “This will be a fun and invaluable resource for parents, grandparents, and even recent student-athletes to find their names and teams and remember their experiences at our state tournaments and championships.”

For assistance or to learn how to download and print selected documents, please select View Help within ArcaSearch’s archive pages.

Anyone possessing editions of IHSAA programs absent from this collection and willing to share them for IHSAA archiving should contact communications director Chris Cuellar:

Herff Jones. Champion has a ring to it.


To view more archives or access IHSAA publications at ArcaSearch, please visit the Sports Archives page. 

For record books, halls of fame, or select statistical data, please visit the Records & Awards page.