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Student Services


The Iowa High School Athletic Association recognizes that leadership is nurtured both on and off the field of play. That’s why we are proud to provide outreach and educational services for Iowa students and member schools in addition to our athletic offerings.


The mission of the Iowa Association of Student Councils is to serve Iowa schools, students, and advisers by providing resources, programs, leadership opportunities through collaboration, education, support, and recognition to build tomorrow’s leaders.

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Iowa’s students lead the nation in academic performance and critical thinking skills. In recognition of these students’ achievements, the IHSAA annually honors the highest achieving academic seniors as selected by each member school.

IHSAA Workshops


We support student leaders by giving them growth opportunities through programs and workshops. One of our biggest programs is Conference Connections. Through this, Iowa high schools are invited to host a workshop to help foster leadership development. The continued focus for 2023-2024 will be student mental health.

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Achieve Challenge

The Achieve Challenge — formerly the Iowa Pride Challenge — is a statewide community service initiative for Iowa schools and their basketball programs.

Participating schools have the opportunity to select a service project that is meaningful for their students and community, win service awards, and allow their boys’ and girls’ high school basketball teams to compete in an Achieve Challenge scrimmage/exhibition contest.

Student Advisory Commitee

This group was launched in 2021 to assist the organization in its efforts to promote leadership, sportsmanship and integrity. The committee will also provide the IHSAA with an important direct link to the “student voice” as it pertains to programs of the IHSAA. Twelve students will be selected to this committee from nominations submitted by member schools. The application is open to all juniors and senior, regardless of gender.

Bullying & Gender Violence Prevention

We partner with UNI’s Center for Violence Prevention (CVP) to help students build positive environments through preventing violence and creating safer communities. Learn more about our Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program, our Coaching Boys into Men™ (CBIM) trainings, and more.

Academic Achievement

Recognizing the academic accomplishments of teams through their combined grade point averages (GPA) during the semesters of their sport seasons. 

Distinguished in Academic Achievement: 4.00 — 3.26 GPA. 

Excellence in Academic Achievement: 3.25 — 3.00 GPA. 

Unified Sports

Special Olympics of Iowa and the IHSAA are partnering in 2023-24 to grow and recognized Unified Sports in member schools across the state.

IHSAA is proud to promote Unified Sports programs like unified bowling, unified basketball, and more with plans to expand offerings to schools in the future.

Information and a toolkit from Special Olympics of Iowa (SOIA) on becoming a Unified Champion School is available through the PDFs below. 


Please contact us to obtain additional information about our educational resources or to schedule an outreach event.