Supporting Iowa High School Boys’ Sports for Over 100 Years

The Iowa High School Athletic Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers free membership to all high schools in Iowa that are recognized by the Department of Education. The IHSAA works to coordinate, develop, direct, oversee, and promote boys’ high school and junior high sports and activities across the state of Iowa. While serving as a reliable resource for records, regulations, scores, and statistics, the organization supports the values and lessons of sportsmanship, interscholastic activities, and health and wellness for student-athletes. 


The Iowa High School Athletic Association had its origin in the Iowa High School Principals Club. At a meeting of the club in 1903, a committee was appointed to draft a series of rules and regulations for the general and definite control of high school athletics throughout the state. Out of this committee, the IHSAA was formed in 1904.



While the IHSAA is responsible for overseeing high school athletics and activities across Iowa, the organization maintains a small full-time staff of 15 people.

The IHSAA staff in Boone includes: an executive director, four assistant directors, six office and administrative staff members, and three other department directors (communications, finance, officials). The IHSAA also provides an administrative assistant position for the IHSMA.

Countless other individuals and volunteers assist IHSAA postseason events depending on the sport and site.

Key Firsts for the IHSAA


As the IHSAA continues to evolve and expand programming for Iowa schools, the mission has remained the same: Promote sportsmanship, interscholastic activities, health, and wellness for all Iowa high school students.